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North Carolina Education Lottery


North Carolina Education Lottery

Walter Ingram
Director of Sales Development
2728 Capital Blvd
Suite 144
Raleigh, NC 27604
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Phone Number (919) 301-3544
Phone (919) 538-9369
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Fax (919) 715-2190
Product Description

Being a lottery retailer can help you succeed. Here’s how:

7% commission on every lottery ticket sold.

$50,000 retailer bonus for selling the winning Powerball and/or Mega Millions Jackpot ticket.

$10,000 retailer bonus for selling a winning Instant-win ticket with a top tier prize valued at an advertised $1,000,000 or greater.

$1,000 rolling bonus for selling the winning 5 of 5 Carolina Cash 5 Jackpot ticket (this amount rolls to the next drawing if no 5 of 5 Carolina Cash 5 Jackpot winner is drawn and caps at $10,000).

Potential to increase customer traffic, creating opportunities to cross-merchandise other products resulting in overall store profits.

Marketing assistance provided through your Corporate Accounts Manager & Lottery Sales Representative.

Statewide lottery advertising and promotional programs.

Provides another sales category for customers.

To become a lottery retailer, visit and click on “Retailer.”

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